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What is results-focused coaching?

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Results-focused executive coaching places a clear emphasis on identifying and reaching specific targets. The executive, the coach, and the organisation begin by jointly deciding the results that the coaching aims to achieve. These results may be:

- business targets such as reaching a specific sales or profit target,

- psychological targets like reaching an agreed level on the Subjective Happiness Scale or

- team targets such as reaching an agreed level on the High Performance Team Inventory.

These results are written into a coaching plan and signed off by the executive, the coach and the organisation. Results focused coaching contrasts with career coaching, financial coaching or health coaching which focus on specific areas of need.

To work effectively the executive needs to own the achievement of the results, put in enough time between sessions to work on the results, get the support they need from the organisation and monitor their progress.

The organisation needs to support the executive by being clear about what are the desired outcomes of coaching are enabling the time needed to undertake the agreed tasks.

The coach needs to:

- ensure the organisation and the executive jointly agree upon the desired results,

- provide dynamic and engaging coaching sessions and

- motive and challenge the executive to reach his or her full potential.

Do you have someone in your team that could benefit from results-focused coaching? For more information contact Helen Burt 021 864 650 or Iain McCormick 021 575449 at the Executive Coaching Centre in Auckland.

Reference: The Executive Coaching Handbook (

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