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What is executive coaching?

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

According to The Executive Coaching Handbook ( executive coaching is a three-way partnership between the coach, the executive, and the executive’s organisation. Each partner has an obligation and responsibility to contribute to the success of the coaching process. Although the primary work is between executive and coach, coaching takes place within the context of the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Executive coaching is a personalised development programme for an individual. The programme is tailor-made based on both the needs of the individual and their organisation.

Executive coaching usually begins with a representative of the organisation contacting the coach and setting out the background, context and expectations of the coaching programme. This is followed by an initial meeting between coach and executive to ensure they can easily establish rapport and work together.

Next the executive and the coach write a coaching plan. This sets out:

1. The issue to be worked on in coaching 2. The context of the coaching 3. The objectives to be worked towards

4. An initial indication of the steps in the coaching process 5. How progress will be monitored 6. The frequency and the likely number of sessions. This plan is often shared with the executive’s organisation and forms a contract between the three partners.

The coaching typically involves 8 to 20 sessions spaced over about a year often with fortnightly sessions at the start of the process, with the time between sessions spreading out as progress is made.

For more information contact Helen Burt 021 864 650 or Iain McCormick 021 575449 at the Executive Coaching Centre in Auckland.

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