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What is Mindfulness Based Executive Coaching?

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There is a wealth of evidence about the value of mindfulness meditation for both brain and body function (Davidson and Lutz, 2008, Tang et al. 2007). However, many executives find that they struggle to establish a regular routine of meditation practice that fits with their busy schedule.

Mindfulness Based Executive Coaching is an individual programme for leaders that consists of eight sessions in which the client learns a range of simple meditation practices and builds them into a solid routine. A critical part of the programme is learning to deal with hindrances during meditation which includes self-criticism and self-doubt about the practice. Regular reporting of practice and discussion about the reality of meditation helps to address concerns and build a quiet sense of achievement even when meditation is seen as ‘noisy’ or ‘unproductive’. Overcoming the myth that meditation is about sitting in peace with a still mind is a critical step for most executives.

Simple regular meditation can be particularly useful for executives suffering from stress and high levels of frustration and hostility at work or home. Learning to quietly distance yourself from the negativity in life is a key to success and satisfaction for many leaders.

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