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What is mindful coaching?

Mindfulness mediation has been shown to produce important positive changes in both brain and body function (Davidson and Lutz, 2008, Tang et al. 2007). There is also preliminary evidence that regular meditation practice by coaches can improve their coaching performance (Grepmair et al, 2007). Meditation can help foster deeper understanding between the coach and the client as the coach is fully present in the session rather than being distracted by thinking of questions or insightful advice.

Meditation is useful in helping the coach prepare for sessions by getting into a receptive headspace before meeting with the client. During the coaching session mindfulness can help the coach stay focused and open, demonstrating genuine empathy and compassion. Teaching clients mindfulness and meditation in coaching sessions can be helpful if it is directly relevant to the client’s issues and if a secular approach is used (unless the client requests otherwise).

Dr Iain McCormick has had a regular meditation practice since the late 1970s and has been involved in executive coaching for the last 25 years. He holds a Master of Social Science with First Class Honours, a Diploma in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in organisational psychology for his research in the area of work stress.  Iain is a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society.

Iain heads the Executive Coaching Centre Limited in New Zealand. Prior to this he was a Consulting Partner with Deloitte working in Canada and New Zealand and Managing Director of Aon Human Resources Consulting, Hong Kong. 

Contact: Iain 021 575449 or Helen: 021 864 650

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