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Mindfulness Regained: A Retreat

A time to re-start your meditation practice

Photo credit: Isabell Winter

Mindfulness practice has been shown to deliver many benefits including to brain functioning, the immune system, interpersonal relationships and personal stress (see link 1 below). Yet in a number of studies the dropout rates from meditation practice appear to be high(see link 2 below).

For the last five years a group of local executive coaches, psychologists and academics have been running a two-and-a-half-day retreat to allow busy people to find some peace of mind. In 2019 the focus of the retreat will be for people who have started meditation but have stopped the practice.

This is not a formal training course, but a gathering of like- minded people who want to share their experience, expertise and energy. The programme starts on a Friday evening 29 March 2019 and continues over Saturday and Sunday. It takes place in the beautifully restful St Francis Retreat Centre, Mt Roskill, Auckland. The Centre allows everyone to have a single room for the retreat. It is an opportunity to enter a focused and peaceful learning environment, away from the external pressures of our busy lives.

Sessions will include why we stop our meditation practice, the natural state of our minds plus plenty of time to regain mindfulness practice. Other sessions will include a review of current research, applied discussions, early morning Tai Chi lessons and periods of both silent and of walking meditation.

Reach out to a friend that could be interested in firing up their mindfulness practice, forward them this flyer, and invite them to join you next March! For further information or an early registration please contact Stewart Forsyth – or 021 392 667. Places are strictly limited due to the size of the venue.

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