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Has your career driver become your anchor?

Are you an accomplished professional who after many years of success is finding that that their career projectory is slowing or has come to a halt. Do you feel you have an unwanted pattern of behaviour that is holding you back? Do you suffer from perfectionism, unhealthy insecurities or lack the feeling that you belong?

Schemas are unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that have usually developed early in life. In adulthood these patterns often become persistently negative. Schema coaching is designed to help you to break from these and to develop healthier alternatives to replace them.

Schema coaching consists of three steps. First is the assessment phase in which you work with the coach to understand your schemas and their impact on your life. In subsequent sessions you build self awareness, get in touch with your schemas, understand their origins and learn how to confront them. Thirdly you develop a range of powerful tools to replace negative, habitual thoughts and behaviours with new, healthy options.

Dr Iain McCormick 021575449.

Photo credit: Grant Durr

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