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Executive Coaching Centre announces new Partner

Helen Burt
Helen Burt

Helen Burt was appointed a Partner in the Executive Coaching Centre on 1 November 2018 joining Managing Director, Dr Iain McCormick. Helen is a senior leader with considerable experience in enterprise-wide high-performance culture development and change management. She has proven success in developing and delivering initiatives that achieve sustained high-performance results.

Some of her achievements include:

- Leading an enterprise-wide cross-functional team that developed and delivered the organisation's Mission, Vision and Values resulting in an 8% increase in the staff survey to the question ‘Clear and aligned vision, culture and values”

- Driving the achievement of the Vero Vision to be world-class by delivering a strategic planning model, a tool to prioritise projects, a balanced scorecard and employee and customer surveys. Demonstrating considerable and sustained improvement using a widely-recognised business excellence methodology, based on the Baldrige Model.

- Creating a framework of customer-centricity best practices. Working with the executive and senior leaders to develop their understanding and assessing relevant organisational maturity which demonstrated impressive improvements in this area over an 18 month period.

Helen will have a key role in the high performance team and culture development consulting side of the Executive Coaching Centre. She will also use her extensive leadership experience in executive coaching and advisory work.

Helen: 021 864 650

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